Maths is everywhere. Without realizing we use math everyday, and it plays a part in nearly all our daily activities. Every time we pick up the phone, use the internet, manage money,  decide to take risk, check the weather report, even cook or travel math plays its part.

Development over past 20 years has led to tremendous increase in importance of mathematics in growing number of occupations and our daily life. As a result, the goal of achieving mathematical literacy for all citizens has become national priority. By today’s definition mathematical definition means, adults need to have a range of sophisticated mathematical knowledge and skills that extend far beyond basic calculation skills. Mathematics trains a person a way of logical thinking and analysis. These skills are easy to imbibe at early age, but unfortunately this is not done to the mark at school level .In spite of such an important role math plays many people hate or fear math. We are trying to popularize math and take away this fear among children. This is our main motto. So, parents, teachers, come on join us. We all together try 100% literacy in math and to make math children’s favorite subject.