Without strong support of some people starting and development of mandal was not easy
1.  Late Prof. M.S.Hujurbajar
     Retired HOD of math's Instiute of science Mumbai
     Head of maths subject, SSC Board, Mumbai
     Presiden of Maths study circle in Mumbai Unviersity
     Member of academic council in Mumbai University
     Was elected fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Science

     Publidation of books:
     1. Sanch upapatti [Marathi]

     2. Ashunik Amoorta Ganit[Marathi]

     3. Text of Alegebra [1979]

     4. Text book of Mathematical analysis[1980]

     Last two books were published under the head projects[COSIP - ULP] in mathematics by Tata Mc Grew Hill

     He was friend philosopher & guide to our Mandal from the foundation.
2.  Late Shri W.K. Wad
     1957-1978 HM of  teacher in Maharashtra High School No.1
     Resource person for the Oreintation courses of the New Syllbus in Maths
     Devoted most of his precious time in writing articles in Mathematical reputed magazines like "Ganit Shiksha'[marathi] & books for    
     Mahamandal. In his zest to make the maths subject simple, interedting & thought provoking he published many books specially for
     talented students and elegant solutions through some interactive books. 


     1. Ganitee Gappa (Marathi)

     2. Ganitateel chakoribahereel vata (Marathi)

     3. Mendoola Khurak (Marathi)

     4. Ganitsagarateel Vechalele Moti (Marathi)

     5. Ganit Pradnya Tantra (Marathi)

     6. Ganitashee Gattee (Marathi)

     7. Talent Mathe without tears (Marathi)

     8.Conceptual Maths (Marathi)

     Regular lecturer for guiding maths talent students
     In all our activities he acted as role model for all of us.

3.  Late Dr. V.G.Kulkarni

      Director of Homi Bhabha Science center work on the idea of remedical mathematics for student.

4.  Prof. M.L.Vaidya
     Retired Principal of mithibai college , Mumbai.
     Writer of books in Maths for higher secondary and college level.
     Resource person for “new maths” work shops for secondary school teacher.
     Advisor for Ganit Adhyapak Mandal, right since the beginning.

5.  Shri P.G (Bhayasaheb ) Vaidya
     Founder & principal of Laxmanrao Apte Prashaha, Pune.
     Founder member of MGAM & the first Presidents of the same transfomed the institution into movement
     Selected for advanced studies in Maths Under Columbus Plan. center for advancement of maths Education & Technology in Lagbaro
     Research in Bardo Nos, more than 300 articles on Maths, Science,Edn in educational magazines.
     Published more than 50 books on Imaginary stories in Maths & science
     Author of the Maths text books from std. VIII--XI
     Guide to students & teachers throught the media of radia, TV, Cassettes etc.
     Received 15 awards on state & natioanl level for publication of books and contribution to educational and social work

6.  Shri D.S.Tambolkar
     Retired as the Head mater of Bharat English School Pune
     Founder member of MGAM -First secretary of MGAM ; worked very hard in missionary spirit.
     One of the authors of Maths text books.
     Co-ordinator & Resource Person of SSC Board for Maths subject
     Guide and adviser to BGAM from the foundatio

7.  Late Shri M.J.Phadke
     Retired HM of ' Utkarsh Mandir,Malad'
     Director of Javahar Balbhavan Kendra, Malad.
     Trustee of Samarth Vyayam Mandir, Dadar.
     Vice President of Dadar Sarvajanik Vachanalay, Dadar
     Founder member of BMGAM-was President for 3 years.
     Participant & guide in every activity of Mandal.
     Writer pf many articles on Maths in many educational magazines
     Writer of 'Diary for HM'.
     Guide to students & teachers through the media of radio, TV, Casettes etc. shared the 'lions share ' in the expansion of the Mandal.

8.  Shri S.N. Padalkar
     Retired as Asstt.HM.of Parle tilak Vidyalay, Parle.
     Popularized syudy of maths through playway methods.
     Published articles specially on maths puzzles, recreational mathsin educational magazines.
     Guided the student & teachers for Maths Talent Competion and workshops.
     Adviser & wellwisher of BMGAM
9.  Shri M.S.Pethe
H.M. of Paranjape Vidyalaya High school, Andheri
     Co-ordinator of all subject teachers Associations, Mumbai.
     Helped & encouraged the activities of the Mandal. Gave free accommodation for the office of Mandal from 1982-90 by seeking
     co-operation of Parle Tilak Institution.
     Editor of Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal

10. Dr. Hemchandra Pradhan
     H.C. Pradhan recently retired as Senior Professor and Centre Director, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), TIFR. Holder     of the first rank in the university of Bombay, both at B.Sc. (1965) and M.Sc. (1967) examinations, Pradhan completed the doctorate in      theoretical nuclear physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1971). After post doctoral fellowships at McMaster University      and University of Wisconsin (Madison), he returned to India to pursue his liking for teaching. He taught physics initially at Ramnarian Ruia      College, Mumbai (1978-80) and then worked at Western Regional Instrumentation Centre, University of Mumbai (1980-1988).

11. Prof. B.A. Naik
     B.A. Naik was working as lecturer in VJTI college of engineering.
     M.E.(Civil)(Structural subjects),D.B.M.
     (Retd) Senior Leturer, Structural Engg.Deptt, V.J.T.I.,Mumbai.
     Secretary cum Treasurer, I.S.T.I.-VJTI Chapter.
     Vice-Chairman, Mumbai Grahak Panchayat.
     Yog Teacher, Yog Vidya Niketan,
     National Merit Scholarship (S.S.C.E. to B.E.).
     State Award for Teachers (Best Teacher).