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Life of Diophantus
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The Life of Diophantus.


Dear students,Teachers & Parents:-


The ancient Greek Mathematician Diophantus was famous in the History of Algebra, in 3rd century i.e. before first Bhaskaracharya. He was studying in ‘Alekzandria University.”  The famous book of arithmetic ‘Arithmatica” was written by Diophantus.  In his book he solved 189 questions by different types of equations.  In his book, he gave the method; how to prepare the equation and ho to solve it.


“Indeterminate equation “the equation who has infinite solutions. E.g.x+y= 30, when x=1,y=29, when x=2,y=28 & so on.  Indeterminate equation is a branch of Algebra started by Diophantus.


Diophantus was so much in love with Mathematics that on his tombstone he wrote his life span in terms of Algebra.  His life span can be given in our Languages follows:-

       In ordinary language

In the language of Algebra (in years)

Traveller! Here rest,the ashes of

Diophantus. i.e. a miracle that

Numbers can measure the length of his life.






The sixth portion of it was a beautiful childhood





After a twelth part of his life

Was over,down covered his chin





A seventh part he spent in childless wedlock





Five years then passed and he rejoiced,in the birth of his first son





Whom Fate measured out a joyous & radiant life on this Earth only half of that of his fathers.







Now supposed Diophantus lived for “x” years; from above information we can form the following equation:-

X=  x  +x  +  x +5 +  x  +  4  (grief)

       6   12      7          2




 “Diophantus, in deep grief, ended his days on Earth, 4 years after losing his son _”

( not entered in the chart).by simplifying the equation 14 x +7x+12x+420+42x+336=

We will get 84x., in this equation if x = 1 then life was x =1 then life was x= 84 x 1=84 years or if x=2 ; it is 84 x 2=168 years i.e. impossible . Therefore his life is 84 years. We can find out about his childhood ; when did he become father and etc.


In Algebra the important operation is to write equation using variable and solve it.


History of Algebra can be divided in “Classical Algebra” and “modern ” or “Abstract” Algebra. “Classical Algebra ” deals with equations. Equations can be in the form of linear equation (1st degree) ; quadraticf equation (2nd degree) .Similarly equations having 3rd degree called as “Cubic equations”  and equations having 4th degree are called as “quintic equations” .


In India equations were used by “Aryabhatta” “Brahma Gupta” “Mahavirs” “Bhaskaracharya” etc.to study Astromy. They used quadratic equation which was having two roots (+) or (-) in 5th Century. Thus, we can say, in India study of equation started.


We must all thankful to all “Mathematicians !”


You can read the following books to enjoy mathematics .

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                                                                            Mrs.Mhadhavi  S.Apte

                                                                            Dadar , Mumbai -28